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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Which doctor can I consult if I get ill?

With this insurance policy, you have a free choice of doctors. In case of comprehensive outpatient and/or inpatient treatment, please contact our emergency hotline immediately. This way, the related costs can be clarified beforehand with the attending physician and the treating hospital and you don’t have to pay them in advance.

2. Which documents do I have to hand in for reimbursement in case of illness?

Please provide us with the originals of all receipts (doctor’s invoices, prescriptions, etc.). All invoices must clearly state the name of the patient, the type of illness, the type of the individual medical treatments and the treatment costs. Please also hand in copies of any other vital document (medical reports etc.). Send the full documentation together with the reimbursement claim form to the address mentioned in this brochure.

3. What do I have to do in case of a hospital stay?

Please inform our emergency hotline immediately about every inpatient stay. This way, you will receive professional settlement of claims without having to pay the treatment costs in advance.

4. What do I have to do in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, please call our emergency hotline to clarify cost coverage and, if necessary, to ensure a quick return transport.

5. In which countries does my insurance policy apply?

The insurance cover is valid worldwide except for the insured’s home country. Costs in case of acute illnesses in the insured’s home country can be co-insured depending on the tariff. See also question 6.

6. Under what circumstances am I covered by insurance in my home country?

The tariffs AIDWORKER24-RK, AIDWORKER-PLUS-RK and AIDWORKER24-DR do not include home country coverage. The tariff AIDWORKER24 includes home country coverage of up to 6 weeks during interim return trips to your home country in case the policy was purchased for a minimum term of six months. The tariffs AIDWORKER-PLUS, AIDWORKER-PLUS-DRW and AIDWORKER-EH include insurance cover of up to four months or, in exceptional cases, even longer. For details, please refer to the respective tariff’s description of benefits.

7. Which provisions apply for pre-existing conditions?

The tariffs AIDWORKER24, AIDWORKER24-RK and AIDWORKER24-DR provide cover for pre-existing conditions as long as a treatment could not be reasonably expected when the trip was carried out as scheduled. For example: if an allergy sufferer (diabetic, etc.) takes the necessary medication with him/her for the time of duration of the stay abroad and then suffers an allergic shock caused by different influences in the country of assignment, the respective treatment is covered. The tariffs AIDWORKER-PLUS, AIDWORKER-PLUS-RK, AIDWORKER-PLUS-DRW and AIDWORKER-EH provide co-insurance for pre-existing conditions without limitations within the generally agreed range of services.

8. Does this insurance policy provide me with liability insurance when driving motor vehicles abroad?

No. Any use of motor vehicles is excluded within liability insurance.

9. Can other people also report damages for me or hand in invoices on my behalf if I am still abroad?

Yes, a report can also be made by a third party. Invoices can also be handed in by other people if the reimbursement claim form is filled in and the respective receipts (original invoices) and documents (medical reports, police report, etc.) are attached. You can also hand in invoices during a vacation to your home country or at the end of your assignment when you are back in Germany. If you intend to send your invoices per mail from the country of assignment, we recommend you make copies of the documents before you do so.

10. Can I extend my insurance cover if I want to stay abroad longer for personal reasons?

Yes, if the agreed maximum term of the insurance for this tariff is not exceeded. Volunteers can click here for a private extension of their existing insurance cover online. All others, please contact Dr. Walter GmbH, Abteilung Gruppenvertrag, Email: gruppenvertrag(at) in due time BEFORE their insurance cover expires. In this case, please state the required duration of the extension as well as the bank account from which the premiums are to be debited.

11. Does the policy include co-insurance for damages that I caused while carrying out my activities?

Yes, the liability insurance applies for both private and professional activities. Property damage and bodily injury to third parties are also covered.

12. Can I also purchase baggage insurance?

Volunteers can purchase baggage insurance online  to their journey at their own expense. All others, please contact Dr. Walter GmbH, Abteilung Gruppenvertrag, Email: gruppenvertrag(at) You will then immediately receive the respective information and an application form.


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