Upcoming hospital stay

If you plan to stay at a hospital, please call the 24-hour emergency number of your insurer to receive information about appropriate hospitals nearby and how to further proceed.

24-hour emergency number worldwide: +49 2247 922 50-13
in case of urgent medical emergencies and assistance services.

If you are admitted to a hospital, you will be asked about your insurance cover. You are covered by international health insurance. The policy covers treatment within compulsory health insurance without optional services. The easiest way for you is to present your insurance certificate during the admission. After your admission, the hospital will contact us and, under normal circumstances, we will then settle the billing directly with the hospital.

Non-emergency hospital treatment

If the inpatient treatment is not an emergency treatment, we recommend arranging the details of the planned therapy with our claims department beforehand. This way, we can help you to minimize any financial risk.

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