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Relief workers and other helpers frequently work in conflict areas and politically instable countries. In order to push their projects forward, they expose themselves to high risks round the clock. With their exceptional benefits, AIDWORKER insurances are tailored to the special assignments of volunteers and aid workers. We have compiled a list for you that includes the key advantages of AIDWORKER.

Advantage 1: Insurance cover also in conflict areas

Aid workers often live and work in remote regions or in conflict areas of developing countries. For this reason, AIDWORKER insurances offer worldwide cover in areas of risk and conflict, even if the Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning for the respective country. If desired, the passive war risk can be covered as well.

Advantage 2: Emergency service

In an emergency, aid workers and their families need support immediately. Therefore AIDWORKER offers a worldwide emergency service in cooperation with an internationally experienced assistance service provider. The members of the staff know the circumstances in the countries of assignment, they help in medical and psychological emergencies, in case of accidents and illness, they find suitable doctor's offices or hospitals nearby, they take over the settlement of the billing, and - if necessary - they organize a return transport.

Advantage 3: Tropical diseases covered

AIDWORKER offers comprehensive cover in case of infectious and tropical diseases. This applies both to health insurance and to accident insurance.

Advantage 4: Selected AIDWORKER components

The insurance needs of aid workers abroad differ. Depending on the country of assignment, the duration of stay, the nature of the task and the extent of responsibility, there are a number of reasonable insurance combinations. For this reason, AIDWORKER functions according to a modular principle. At Information for ..., you will find further information about the most important insurance components for the different groups of persons and assignments.

Advantage 5: Stay informed with our safety app - always and everywhere

Traveling often brings insecurity - no matter whether it is for business or private reasons. Therefore DR-WALTER customers are now given a safety app: MY-SAFETY-APP 2 provides you with extremely helpful functions on your smartphone: immediate emergency help and medical advice around the clock, worldwide. Important safety warnings, local messages in real time, as well as an easy-to-use management system for your important insurance and travel documents, with which you can easily send refund applications directly to your insurer so that they can be processed as quickly as possible. You can use this service free of charge for one year. Detailed information about the security app and its features can be found on MY-SAFETY-APP 2.

Advantage 6: One-stop solution

With AIDWORKER, you have exactly one contact partner. Consultancy, contract handling, payment processing and claims settlement will be dealt with by our staff.

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