Insurance concepts for
aid organizations and
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Comprehensive insurance cover.

AIDWORKER also covers corona infections if they occur newly and acutely after the start of the contract.

AIDWORKER - insurance for volunteers and specialists of NGOs and umbrella organizations in development aid

For more than 60 years, DR-WALTER has proved its expertise in providing insurance cover for stays abroad. We offer special group contracts for umbrella organizations and supporting organizations: for voluntary and development aid services, social associations and religious organizations. Each year, AIDWORKER protects many thousand helpers during their international work. You will see how it works in the following one-minute video.

Volunteers, development workers, professionals, missionaries and other aid workers are faced with special risks in foreign countries - whether they work as disaster relief workers in Haiti, as teachers in Peru or as nurses in Mali. AIDWORKER has been tailored to the special tasks of development workers and their families.

Especially in the fields of health and accident insurance, the scope of AIDWORKER benefits varies greatly from conventional overseas insurances. Our insurances include coverage in conflict areas, provide comprehensive cover in case of tropical diseases and, upon request, insure the passive war risk.

On this page you will find all information about our AIDWORKER tariffs for

Volunteers can also use the website to extend their existing insurance cover or privately purchase an additional baggage insurance prior to their journey. You will find all emergency phone numbers in the section claims.

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All you need to know about the insurance of your employees during their assignment abroad.

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All you need to know about your insurance coverage during your volunteer placement abroad.

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The app provides security alerts in real time, country updates and news for your current location. It will be available to you free of charge after insurance conclusion.

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