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Are you already covered by our AIDWORKER tariffs? Then your supporting organization has made the right choice. Our policy provides you with extensive cover during your stay abroad. Your supporting organization will provide you with all information on your insurance in good time prior to your journey. They will also inform you which policies have been purchased for you. In addition, you can also click on the following links for detailed information about your insurance cover.

  • Information on international health insurance

    For health insurance, you can select from four different policies:

    - The policy AIDWORKER24 is suitable for short-term stays of up to 24 months. The policy covers the treatment costs in case of acute illnesses. Preventive medical examinations, general check-ups, etc. are not covered by this policy.

    Further information on AIDWORKER-24

    - The policy AIDWORKER24-RK is aimed at expatriates who are members of the German compulsory health insurance system (GKV) and who want to insure only the remaining costs, repatriation as well as medically necessary return transports for the time of their stay. The tariff AIDWORKER-PLUS-RK is the extensive alternative for stays abroad with an unlimited duration.

    Further information on AIDWORKER-RK

    Further information on AIDWORKER-PLUS-RK

    - The policy AIDWORKER-PLUS is the right solution to cover stays abroad of more than 24 months as well as for comprehensive cover of short-term stays.

    Further information on AIDWORKER-PLUS

    - The policy AIDWORKER-PLUS-DRW is the right solution to cover stays abroad for up to 5 years including a comprehensive cover.

    Further information on AIDWORKER-PLUS-DRW
  • Information on international daily sickness allowance

    The international daily sickness allowance AIDWORKER-KT can be purchased for stays abroad lasting longer than 12 months. It provides insurance cover against loss of earnings as a result of acute sickness or accidents abroad. In case of an insured event because of inability to work, the insured will receive a daily sickness allowance.

    Further information on AIDWORKER-KT
  • Information on professional and personal liability insurance

    The liability insurance policy AIDWORKER-H provides insurance cover for private and professional activities. The sum insured for bodily injury, property damage and financial loss is €3,000,000. Depending on the profession, we distinguish between the following tariffs:

    Tariff AW-H1

    People who carry out activities with a normal level of responsibility (missionaries, teachers, volunteering excluding care, etc.)

    Tariff AW-H2

    People who carry out activities with a high level of responsibility (technicians, care professions, craftsmen, etc.)

    Tariff AW-H3

    People who carry out activities with a very high level of responsibility (construction and project managers, doctors, pilots, etc.)

    Tariff AW-H6

    Children of insured persons during their training in Germany

    Tariff AW-H7

    Free co-insurance for children and relatives of the main insured person

    Further information on AIDWORKER-H
  • Information on accident insurance

    The accident insurance policy AIDWORKER-U is tailored to the particular risks of aid workers abroad, especially in conflict areas. It provides insurance exceeding by far the cover of regular private accident insurance.

    Choosing the right combination of insurance policies depends on a number of different factors, such as program, program duration, activity, country of assignment, country of origin, marital status and kind of employment/assignment. You will find some popular combinations in the following list.


    Sums insured
    Accidental death benefit
    Disability benefit in case of 100% accidental disability
    Disability benefit
    Progression in percent
    Rescue costs
    Plastic surgery
    Disability as a result of tropical and infectious diseases included

    For details on the insurance combination selected for you, please refer to your insurance certificate. For an overview on further potential combinations and for further information on AIDWORKER-U, click here: AIDWORKER-U.

  • Information on baggage insurance

    If you want to purchase baggage insurance for short-term stays, AIDWORKER-RG baggage insurance is the perfect solution.

    For long-term stays where you take more than just your travel baggage with you, all your personal effects can be insured during outward and return journey and for the entire duration of your stay abroad through our AIDWORKER-BH personal effects insurance.


    Baggage insurance AW-RG
    Sum insured
    € 2,500 or € 4,000
    50% of the sum insured
    Outward journey, stay and return journey covered

    Further information on AIDWORKER-RG
  • Information on personal effects insurance

    For long-term stays where you take more than just your travel baggage with you, all your personal effects can be insured during outward and return journey and for the entire duration of your stay abroad through our AIDWORKER-BH personal effects insurance.

    To insure your personal effects, we need a list of all the things you are going to take with you. Outward journey, stay and return journey can be insured separately.

    Further Information on AIDWORKER-BH
  • Information on vehicle insurance

    You can insure all vehicles used in project countries through AIDWORKER-KFZ. Insurable are two-wheeled vehicles, cars and trucks. You can select from vehicle liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance, third party, fire and theft insurance as well as passenger accident insurance.

    Further Information AIDWORKER-KFZ

You will find all information on what to do in the event of a claim under Claims.

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